How much is 170 grams in cups? Guide for converting 170 grams to cups

How much is 170 grams in cups? Guide for converting 170 grams to cups
How much is 170 grams in cups? Guide for converting 170 grams to cups

Are you often wondering how to accurately measure ingredients for your recipes? It can be tricky to get the amounts just right, especially when working in different units of measurement. One common unit that is used in cooking and baking is grams, but it isn’t always easy for everyone to convert them into cups or tablespoons.

In this blog post written by Jan Cranitch, we’ll discuss an important conversion: How much is 170 grams in cups? We’ll explore the guide for converting 170 grams to cups so you can hit that desired recipe sweet spot every time.

How much is 170 grams in cups?

Knowing the answer to the question “How much is 170 grams in cups?” allows cooks to confidently follow recipes that measure ingredients in grams.

Moreover, they can know exactly what they need in terms of their standard measuring cups. In actuality, 170 grams of any ingredient translates to 0.72 cups.

It’s a good idea to become familiar with this conversion as it comes up often when followed recipes require precise measurements.

170 grams to cups conversion chart

Understanding ingredient conversions is vital for successful baking and cooking. So, being able to quickly reference this chart allows bakers and cooks alike to save valuable time in the kitchen.

 Grams   Cups 
161.0  161 Grams = 0.680507208312758 Cups
162.0  162 Grams = 0.684733961159421 Cups
163.0  163 Grams = 0.688960714006084 Cups
164.0  164 Grams = 0.693187466852747 Cups
165.0  165 Grams = 0.697414219699411 Cups
166.0  166 Grams = 0.701640972546074 Cups
167.0  167 Grams = 0.705867725392737 Cups
168.0  168 Grams = 0.7100944782394 Cups
169.0  169 Grams = 0.714321231086063 Cups
170.0  170 Grams = 0.718547983932726 Cups
171.0  171 Grams = 0.722774736779389 Cups
172.0  172 Grams = 0.727001489626052 Cups
173.0  173 Grams = 0.731228242472715 Cups
174.0  174 Grams = 0.735454995319378 Cups
175.0  175 Grams = 0.739681748166042 Cups
176.0  176 Grams = 0.743908501012705 Cups
177.0  177 Grams = 0.748135253859368 Cups
178.0  178 Grams = 0.752362006706031 Cups
179.0  179 Grams = 0.756588759552694 Cups
180.0  180 Grams = 0.760815512399357 Cups

Guide for converting 170 grams to cups

Guide for converting 170 grams to cups
Guide for converting 170 grams to cups

To perform the conversion accurately, you will need either a digital kitchen scale or measuring cups and spoons. After weighing the ingredients on your kitchen scale, divide the gram weight by 236.59 to get the cup measurement.

Measuring ingredients by mass (weight) using an appropriate kitchen scale is a best practice to improve recipe accuracy, rather than measuring ingredients by volume using fluid and dry measuring cups.

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You can also use measuring cups and spoons to measure out 170 grams of any ingredient. Simply convert 1 cup into grams (generally around 236-237) and then measure out enough of the ingredient to equal 170 total grams.

With these simple tips, you should be able to easily convert 170 grams into cups in no time!

Formula to calculate 170 grams in cups

To convert 170 grams of a particular ingredient into cups, you will need to determine the ingredient’s density. This can be done by looking up the ingredient on an online density chart or consulting a cookbook or recipe source. Once you have determined the density, use this calculation:

Cups = Grams / (236.588236 * density)

For example, if you have 170 grams of water, the density is 1 g/mL. To convert this to cups, you would use the following calculation:

170 / (236.588236 * 1) = 0.72 cup.

How to quickly convert 170 g into cups with an online converter?

Employing a web-based converter is an ideal approach to swiftly and precisely converting 170g of any item into cups, making it incredibly easy for you!

Converting grams to cups has never been so easy! All you have to do is enter the number of grams (e.g., 170 g) into the designated field. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll receive an exact calculation of how many cups are equal in quantity to your original number of grams.

Common conversions from 170 grams to cups

Since different ingredients have different densities, each conversion will vary slightly. Generally speaking, 170 grams of all-purpose flour converts to approximately 1 3/8 cup of flour. Similarly, 170 grams of honey equals just 1/2 cup, and 170 grams of butter translates to about 3/4 cup of butter (~ 0.75 cups).

Common conversions from 170 grams to cups
Common conversions from 170 grams to cups

How many cups are equivalent to 170 grams of flour?

If you want to transform 170 grams of flour into cups, divide the number (170) by the conversion factor of 125. This will give you an exact measurement of 1 3/8 cups—that is equal to 1.36 cups when converted from 170 grams!

How many cups of sugar equate to 170 grams?

170 grams of sugar is equivalent to 7/8 cup, and you can accurately measure it without a scale by utilizing the spoon-and-level technique.

Plus, 170 grams of powdered sugar equals 1.48 u.s cup

What is the weight of 170 grams of vegetable oil in a cup?

To convert grams of vegetable oil to cups, simply divide the number by 237. For example, 170 grams is approximately 0.78 cups—a great ratio for any baking recipe!

How much is 170 grams in cups: Important notes

How much is 170 grams in cups Important notes
How much is 170 grams in cups Important notes
  1. When it comes to baking, measuring dry ingredients like flour, butter, and cocoa powder by weight is the most precise way. Keep in mind that 170 grams may equate differently between cups due to factors such as room temperature or the quality of the ingredients. However, using exactly 170 grams guarantees success!
  2. Gram, or g for short, is a unit of measure.
  3. Quantities are calculated to the closest 1/8, 1/3, 1/4, or whole number.

FAQs How much is 170 grams in cups?

What is the exact weight of 170 grams of baking?

170 grams of baking typically refers to a specific amount of dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking powder, or baking soda. Accurate measurements are necessary for consistent results in recipes.

For example, a cake recipe may call for 170 grams of all-purpose flour, indicating the exact amount of flour necessary to prepare the cake.

How many cups of chocolate are equivalent to 170 g?

One cup of chocolate chips weighs approximately 170 g.

How many cups of cream cheese are equivalent to 170 grams?

If you need 3/4 cup of an ingredient, that equates to 6 ounces, 12 tablespoons, 170 grams, or about 6 servings. On the other hand, if 1 full cup is required for your recipe, then 8 ounces, 16 tablespoons, or 225 grams will yield 8 servings in total.

How much water is needed to make 170 g?

3/4 cup water or just over 0.74 cups

How many cups of butter are in 170 grams?

To make 3/4 cup of butter, you will need 170 grams.


In conclusion, it is very important to know how much something weighs before you try to convert it into another unit of measurement. This will help ensure that you are getting accurate results. Use our tool on to easily convert 170 grams into cups so that you can get on with your baking!

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