How many grams are in 1/3 cup? Conversion table for 1/3 US cup to grams of water

How many grams are in 1/3 cup? Conversion table for 1/3 US cup to grams of water
How many grams are in 1/3 cup? Conversion table for 1/3 US cup to grams of water

How many grams are in 1/3 cup? This article will help you convert cups to grams, whether you’re baking or wondering what 1/3 cup weighs.

Read on as Jan Cranitch explains why understanding these conversions is important. also provides a conversion table for 1/3 US cup to grams of water for finding out exactly how many grams make up 1/3 cup.

How many grams are in 1/3 cup?

In general, 1/3 cup of an ingredient has 78.9 grams associated with it. This can vary depending on the density of the ingredient, so always double check when converting measurements.

If you do not have any measuring tools, it is best to consult a conversion guide. Remember to take the density of the substance you are measuring into account and adjust accordingly.

Using a baking measurement chart to convert 1/3 cup to grams can be accomplished with ease. This chart will take the complexity out of converting between cups and grams. You can accurately measure each ingredient for your favorite recipe.

How many grams are in 1/3 cup?
How many grams are in 1/3 cup?

A reminder of how to measure 1/3 cup in grams

  • Instead of cups, measure dry ingredients like flour, butter, and cocoa powder in grams for more accurate results.
  • The number of grams per 1/3 cup may differ depending on the room temperature.
  • The shorthand for “gram” is the letter ‘g’.
  • Gram measurements are rounded to their closest whole number.
  • It is essential to note that translating cups into grams depends on the density of the ingredient and how it is measured in a cup. If you fill the measuring cup with an ingredient or tap it after filling, you could end up with 15-20% more yield than by spooning out your ingredients!

Select the right cooking tool for the job. Use that tool as designed to get the best measurement result. Using dry measuring cup (designed to measure the volume of dry commodities like sugar) instead of using a fluid measuring cup (designed to measure the volume of liquid commodities like water) is a common way of introducing measurement errors into the cooking process.

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Conversion table for 1/3 US cup to grams of water

Baking requires a 1/3 US cup to grams of water conversion table because small concentration changes can affect recipe results.

A conversion table will make sure that the measurements for cakes, pies, and other treats are correct and consistent.

 Cups   Grams 
0.2433  0.2433 Cups = 57.5619178188 Grams
0.2533  0.2533 Cups = 59.9278001788 Grams
0.2633  0.2633 Cups = 62.2936825388 Grams
0.2733  0.2733 Cups = 64.6595648988 Grams
0.2833  0.2833 Cups = 67.0254472588 Grams
0.2933  0.2933 Cups = 69.3913296188 Grams
0.3033  0.3033 Cups = 71.7572119788 Grams
0.3133  0.3133 Cups = 74.1230943388 Grams
0.3233  0.3233 Cups = 76.4889766988 Grams
0.3333  0.3333 Cups = 78.8548590588 Grams
0.3433  0.3433 Cups = 81.2207414188 Grams
0.3533  0.3533 Cups = 83.5866237788 Grams
0.3633  0.3633 Cups = 85.9525061388 Grams
0.3733  0.3733 Cups = 88.3183884988 Grams
0.3833  0.3833 Cups = 90.6842708588 Grams
0.3933  0.3933 Cups = 93.0501532188 Grams
0.4033  0.4033 Cups = 95.4160355788 Grams
0.4133  0.4133 Cups = 97.7819179388 Grams
0.4233  0.4233 Cups = 100.1478002988 Grams
0.4333  0.4333 Cups = 102.5136826588 Grams

1/3 cup to grams, ounces, and pounds conversion

We’ve created an easy-to-use chart to convert 1/3 cup into grams, ounces, and pounds to save time and energy. This table makes adding essential ingredients fast and accurate without conversions.

Ingredients Cup/Spoon Grams Ounces Pounds
ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 1/3 Cup 41.67 g 1.47 oz 0.09 lb
BREAD FLOUR 1/3 Cup 43.33 g 1.53 oz 0.1 lb
GRANULATED SUGAR 1/3 Cup 67 g 2.36 oz 0.15 lb
POWDERED SUGAR (UNSIFTED) 1/3 Cup 40.33 g 1.42 oz 0.09 lb
HONEY 1/3 Cup 112 g 3.95 oz 0.25 lb
BUTTER 1/3 Cup 75.67 g 2.67 oz 0.17 lb
MILK 1/3 Cup 81.67 g 2.88 oz 0.18 lb
OILS (SUNFLOWER, OLIVE, COCONUT) 1/3 Cup 72.67 g 2.56 oz 0.16 lb
COCOA POWDER 1/3 Cup 41.67 g 1.47 oz 0.09 lb
OATS 1/3 Cup 34 g 1.2 oz 0.07 lb

FAQs How many grams are in 1/3 cup?

How much sugar is equivalent to 1/3 cup?

1/3 cup of sugar is approximately 67 grams. To be more precise, 1/3 cup of granulated white sugar is equal to 66.67 grams. For other types of sugar, like brown and powdered (confectioners or icing) sugar, 1/3 cup is slightly different, coming in at around 80–85 grams.

How much water is in 1/3 cup?

A cup measures the volume of a substance, while 79 grams are measured in mass. You can’t directly convert cups to grams without considering density. However, 1/3 cup of water usually weighs about 79 grams!

How do I convert cups to grams and ml?

To convert cups to grams, you will need to consider the density of the substance that you are measuring. Generally speaking, 1 cup of liquid is equal to around 236.58 grams and 8 fluid ounces.

A cup of flour is typically equal to around 125 grams, so 1/3 cup of flour equals about 42 grams. To convert between other units of measurement, you can use an online converter tool.

How much does a 1/4 cup weigh in grams?

1/4 cup of butter is equal to 56.7 grams.

How many grams are in 3/4 of a cup?



1/3 cup is equal to 78.9 grams. This measurement is useful when you are baking and need to be precise with your ingredients. Baking is often a science, so it’s important to follow directions carefully in order to create a delicious final product. Have you ever tried measuring out ingredients using grams?

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